About the designer - Astrid

Owner/Designer Astrid AranaWelcome to Envyology!

Your permission to adore wearable art. Envyology derives from gorgeous one  of a kind statement pieces constantly changing and refining.

A self-proclaimed 'Resin-ista,' mixing color, crystals, or whatever suits my fancy - I love to see what the end result is.  This makes my pieces unique and never the same look twice! I've always enjoyed the beauty of abstract, often non-traditional art.  Whether it's textiles, art, or architecture, I am thrilled to picture it in a form of jewelry. I chose to explore resin for its organic properties.

Making-one-of-a kind pieces means I do not have a gigantic inventory.  And this is uniquely cool because I think wearable art should make you feel that my pieces have your name all over it!  Hey, I hope people do envy my creations (innocently, of course!) because you won't see it on another soul.  Ever. And that's a promise!  Once you purchase it, you own an original.  

I hope you enjoy wearing the pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Remember, I always want to hear from my customers.  Drop me a note at astridarana01@gmail.com