Suspendisse pulvinar ut nibh a ultricies.

  • Don't be like the rest of them, Darling

    I absolutely LOVE this statement and can relate because I firmly believe women of a certain age don't get caught up with the drama our younger sisters often times immerse themselves into.  We also stopped people-pleasing because, well, we simply love ourselves more.

    Enter ENVYOLOGY.  My label means healthy envy is not a bad thing. Especially if it is used as a positive motivator.  The 'logy' means the 'study of.'  Yes, I am a self-proclaimed Resin-ista.  I have more fun experimenting with resin.  I bought different molds: ring, bracelet, bangle.  Then color and tools. And I don’t want to focus on huge inventory.  I prefer small, one-of-kind pieces.  When I create a piece, it’s a one-and-done.  I only create one of a kind. The color may make the difference, or a slight change in the end product. 

    My first piece was a statement bracelet mixed with yellow and brown.  The colors reminded me of mustard and soil.  What a crazy combination!  But guess what - that was my first sale! I thought it was hideous, but someone else though otherwise.  Lesson learned - wear something you don't like - and I bet people will rave about it on you.  An almost missed opportunity for you to share your style with someone else.

    I recently branched out and started adding different findings in the resin.  What I discovered is the importance of curing certain types of resin.  Since I use the resin that I can add stones and drill holes in, I had to do research to understand how not to get dreaded bubbles in the curing process. 

    Like Envyology’s tagline: Your permission to adore.  Always wearable art.

    I’m always interested in what you think of my pieces, and consider it an honor if you have any feedback for me:

    Stay tuned for updates!

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