February 16, 2020

What's a Resin-ista?

By Lorrie Arana
What's a Resin-ista?

I'm not trying to coin a new word.  Maybe I am, but for the lack of a better word this is how it computes in my brain.

What do you call someone who is wow-ed by the ability to mix two components of epoxy to create fashion jewelry?  I mean, wearable art, statement pieces and eclectic jewelry?

When I pick up my copper brush and brush away particles from my pieces, I start to get excited about the final product.  Will I remove the shine for a matte look, or will I add Swarovski crystals, or other findings for a new collection?

The cool thing is it takes just about 24 hours until the big reveal.  Thank goodness much of that is sleeping hours.  I sometimes take an early peek to see how things are shaping up.  A little soap and water is all it takes to extricate the unfinished masterpiece.  Then I get to work on grinding/sanding, spraying gloss, or drilling to add stones.  This is when I get into a ‘zone’ and see what happens in the next hour or two.  I may stop and be satisfied, or keep going and really get excited because I went beyond and straight to ‘What if’ zone.  I never feel I am salvaging anything because I should have stopped while I was ahead.  This is what makes me feel like a Resin-ista.  I’m at the cusp of somethings interesting. 

I recently got inspired by a fashion designer who was featured during Fashion Week about 10 years ago.  The model was wearing his amazing stackable bracelets that were wide and transparent color ( my guess was alcohol ink). I absolutely fell in LOVE with this piece and decided to create my very own mold.  These bracelets are bit heavier because of its unique wide design.  Resin always requires clean-up work post curing. The end result is amazing and always well worth the donning of the dust mask!  Stay tuned for that big reveal!

I am always interested in your feedback/comments. Drop me a line at astridarana01@gmail.com